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Never before has it been as important to establish a strong cybersecurity plan for your business. Cyberattacks no longer affect only large enterprise corporations. Every business is now vulnerable to an attack, as our reliance on the internet continues to grow. Across the world there are many companies questioning their cybersecurity measures and how to prosecute breaches. Take charge of your company’s cybersecurity today with these three keys to establishing your cybersecurity including evaluation, development, and backup.

1. Evaluate Potential Risks to Your Company

It is important to check the evolving risks to your company. Take the time to understand the internal and external vulnerabilities that can affect your business. You should know what: phishing, malware, systems hacking, and pharming look like and how to detect them.

2. Develop a Cybersecurity Plan

Your company needs a defined protocol to abide by. Your employees are the gatekeepers of your company’s information, and are the weakest link in your cybersecurity measures. Create a culture in your company that understands the warning signs of an attack. Also makes use of preventive measures such as a clean desk policy, and phone verification for any privileged information.

3. Create an Offsite Backup

In the event of a compromise, it is important that your customers are still taken care of. Take the time to establish a secondary data site with a full backup of your information. So, in case of a cyberattack, natural disaster, or employee mistake, you can continue business as normal.

These three techniques are only the beginning of a cybersecurity plan. To make sure that you do not make the news with the next big data breach, you need to treat cybersecurity as an ever evolving plan, and not a one time project.

However, these three techniques won’t be enough if you are not constantly reevaluating your plan and making the necessary changes. A successful cybersecurity program is one that is ongoing. During this turbulent cyber age, you will want to pay close attention to these three important steps to keep your business from being the latest casualty.

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