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how it management services can set your business apart from the competition

IT Management (ITM) Services can be used to develop a significant competitive advantage in today’s competitive market. ITM providers offer services that can greatly reduce costs and increase ROI, through infrastructure management, disaster recovery planning, and helpdesk support.

Many organizations are embracing this solution. Over two-thirds of companies that were surveyed, for CompTIA’s Fourth Annual Trends in Managed Services Study, shared that they had used ITM Services in the past 12 months.

There are many benefits that come from outsourcing your IT department. In order to find the right fit for your businesses here are a few to look for:

100% Accountability
A large number of internal IT departments are not equipped for a large-scale disaster. In the event of an accident, this can cause extended downtime for key applications. ITM Service Providers are well prepared to handle these disasters and can greatly diminish system downtime. It is critical to find an ITM Provider, such as Crossroads, that financially backs their 100% Service Level Agreement, SLA, to protect your organization in the event of a disaster.

Human errors, expanded IT staffing, and hardware costs are major operational investments involved in IT departments. An outsourced ITM solution offers all of these at a much cheaper rate than maintaining an internal IT department. Look for a provider that offers this service at a fixed monthly rate.

Decrease Employee Turnover
By outsourcing ITM services, you free your staff to focus on highly strategic profitable ventures. High turnover rate is remediated by transforming your IT department into a development team. Instead of the constant expense of hiring on new employees that require months of training, retain your core IT team who develop solutions that increase company profits.

Avoid Disasters
When an employee makes a critical error it can result in major company losses. The only repercussion is termination with no monetary retribution. This scenario is easily avoided when you work with a trusted ITM provider that insures you with a 100% Financially-Backed SLA.

Increase Internal Productivity
Many ITM solutions are provided by organizations with expertise in many IT services. These veterans of this fast paced industry offer consulting for the implementation and deployment of software solutions, such as CRM or ERP. Customized consultations and deployment services save businesses equitable resources, by analyzing the business needs and making well researched recommendations.

Finding an ITM provider that can deliver on all of these benefits is critical to setting your business apart from the competition. Faster support, decreased downtime, and increased productivity are just the beginning of what your organization can experience from an effective ITM relationship.

Crossroads offers a customized ITM solution where we deliver upon each of the above benefits. Contact us to begin discussing your organizations ITM needs today.

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