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HIPAA compliance is vital in the Healthcare Industry. Beyond the hefty cost of a HIPAA violation, the irreversible damage to an organization’s reputation can be even more devastating. An escalating number of healthcare providers are turning to a Cloud Hosting Provider to take on the accountability of their compliance. 

 Outsourcing this responsibility allows organizations to alleviate stress and reduce their operating costs. A prospective cloud hosting provider must exceed the security standards, both physical and cyber, needed to properly safeguard your data. It is important to qualifying a HIPAA compliant hosting partner. We have created this checklist to help you find a potential hosting provider that will be the most compliant fit for your organization.

7  Requirements to look for in a HIPAA Compliant Hosting Partner

1. Advanced Auditing

HIPAA regulations require regular auditing. A hosting provider needs to perform regulatory compliance auditing either monthly or quarterly to guarantee your data is secure and in full HIPAA compliance. Ask how often the hosting provider performs regulatory audits.

2. Business Associate Agreement

A Business Associate Agreement (BAA) establishes a clear line of responsibility in regards to the security of your data and the liability of your hosting partner. Be sure the hosting partner provides you with a BAA that protects your organization.

3. Certifications

The right hosting partner will maintain and work towards increasing their level of certifications. All of their employees need to be HIPAA certified. They should have external audits preformed to verify their compliance. Request validation of their certification and third party audits.

4. Experience

Extensive experience working within the healthcare industry and adapting to regulatory changes is needed. To guarantee your compliance, is it important for your potential hosting partner to have a proven track record. Ask for referrals from their current customers in the healthcare industry.

5. Single Point Support

24/7/365 live support without complex escalation protocols is vital to remaining HIPAA compliant and resolving issues seamlessly. Having the support you need when you need it saves time and money.

6. Business Continuity Plan

A hosting provider must anticipate a cyber attack, natural disaster, or anything else that may impact the availability or security of their systems. Inquire about their disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Find out what protocols and preventative measures they have in place to ensure the safety of your data.

7. Financially Backed 100% SLA

Beyond compliance, an important feature that a hosting provider should have is a financially backed 100% service level agreement. The healthcare industry requires fast, immediate access to information. When there is a patient in the room, providers can’t afford to be delayed by downtime. Ask your provider if you are expected to pay when service levels are not met.

If your prospective Hosting Partner can meet these requirements, you might have a good fit for your organization.
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