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DevOps (Development Operations) has grown and evolved in recent years.

Private and Public Cloud infrastructure is evolving constantly with new standards, new features, and new methodologies that are proving to be a heavy burden on modern day application providers. Retaining qualified and experienced talent in DevOps has become difficult, as forward thinking organizations such as Crossroads retain the highest level of talent in DevOps. More so, ensuring that the engineering, architecture, and maintenance of those operations are successfully passed along to your organization is growing more difficult. Documentation and related educational material is often not passed back to your organization, leaving critical information to get lost and never passed on.

Our DevOps support, structure, and methodologies have proven successful in the migration, deployment, and management of simple infrastructure scaling all the way to highly complex and hyper scaled applications. No one organization is the same. Each situation is unique and so are the needs of that situation. We get that. That’s why we customize the process based on what stage your business is currently in, the needs of your team and your overall business goals. We develop and implement systems that fit your big picture without missing any detail.

Crossroads manages Public Cloud and DevOp environments so our clients can focus their time and efforts on growing their business instead of managing their infrastructure. We utilize best of breed monitoring systems, such as New Relic, ELK Stack, and Solarwinds to ensure maximum performance of your applications and infrastructure.

Our DevOps engagements are a true zero gap, 100% accountability solution. Our DevOps Service Level Agreements fill in all the gaps that Public Cloud providers create in their offerings and deliverables. Our Network (NOC) and Security Operations Centers (SOC) deliver a true 24/7/365 engagement that includes monitoring, unlimited support incidents, and continual infrastructure assessment to ensure the highest possible availability for anything hosted in the cloud. If there are any issues with your environments, we are alerted immediately and work through resolution with our NOC and SOC to mitigate problems quickly and effectively.

Our DevOps engineers will guide you through the critical stages of success, working closely with your organization to architect a model that will make your organization grow and scale effectively.

  • Discovery

  • Architect

  • Implement

  • Manage

We hit the ground running through a series of strategy sessions and interviews with your team. During these sessions, our experts will identify what your organization needs from DevOps and which elements of DevOps makes sense for your business and the phase it’s currently in. We will:

• Study your business’s challenges, key objectives, IT processes, and current performance

• Familiarize ourselves with the overall lifecycle of your software development

• Work to understand your staff’s individual skills and capabilities as well as your organization’s capacity for change

The ultimate goal during the evaluation stage is to identify critical issues and the changes required to address these issues.

After the discovery phase we enter the architect phase. This is when the long-term vision for your remodeled infrastructure comes together. During this stage we will work closely with your team to:

• Outline the priorities for the next stage and define implementation needs

• Identify upcoming challenges and assess the opportunities and resources at hand

• Address short and long term goals

• At the end of the design phase, we’ll have a blueprint that will guide the transformation of your organization.

Following design it’s time for the implementation stage. This encompasses everything from minor tweaks to sweeping organizational shifts. With the tailored blueprint in hand, our experienced architects, designers, and development consultants will work closely with your team in order to achieve high-quality results that are both scalable and sustainable. We focus on putting best practices in place to ensure immediate as well as long-term success.

The management stage is when we keep the ball rolling. We make sure your needs are met and help your organization foster the adoption and implementation of DevOps principles. This includes:

• Providing on-site project managers or mentors and further staff training as needed

• Establishing the type of management resources that will help your business

• Post-implementation reviews that will fine-tune your DevOps blueprint and set the course for any further iterations that might be needed

During these four stages, your team members will learn everything they need to know about how DevOps works and how your entire organization will gain from its implementation. The ultimate goal of our DevOps engagements is to achieve maximum effect and efficiency, paving the way for a more agile and healthy organization that’s built for sustainable growth.

Cloud Automation & DevOps

Crossroads offers flexible services and tooling to build and deploy resilient cloud services and applications at scale. We help companies rapidly and reliably build and deliver products using AWS and Crossroads DevOps best practices.

Infrastructure Automation

We will help automate your entire cloud infrastructure utilizing a DevOps approach and AWS best practices.

Application Deployment

We will use best practices and proven methodologies to ensure your AWS environment is well architected, and help automate the deployment of your applications utilizing AWS native services.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

We will help you reduce time-consuming tasks and human error by helping implement your application development and deployments using the various models on AWS.

Third Party Configuration Management

Support for 3rd party tools (Chef, Ansible, SaltStack, DSC, and many more)

Successful DevOps is a mix of several key factors – technology, processes, methodologies and most importantly communications. You will always have direct access to the engineers who architect your cloud environment. You can be confident in Crossroads ability to optimize, monitor, and support your infrastructure because of our deep rooted partnership and highly skilled professionals.

DevOps Assessment

Discover how to create the maximum impact on IT performance, fast. Make effective investment decisions when increasing the capacity of your teams and the speed and quality of their work, and get objective data on how you are performing relative to the industry.