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Businesses optimizing their use of Internet of Things (IoT) require a heightened level of accessibility, security, and reliability for their infrastructure.

A high performing IoT organization utilizes a three-tier design for their infrastructure that can provide users with the best possible experience.

The complexity of maintaining the IoT architecture, while ensuring security and reliability, requires a large investment of time and technology. Crossroads’ IoT Architecture Solution allows your equitable resources to shift away from provisioning and managing infrastructure while simplifying operations, improving security, and reducing costs.

This solution allows for elastic IoT application services, including on-demand application and operational scalability at the platform layer. We provide these application services via hardware, software, and virtual form factors. This complete service reduces the time and costs that come with deploying new applications or architectures.

To ensure the highest level of security, we provide you with authentication and end-to-end encryption at every point of connection. Data will never be exchanged between two devices without a proven identity.

We offer flexible cloud computing, which can dynamically scale your data flow and analytical load as you grow. We also have access to datacenters across the globe to better accommodate multi-national business needs.

We ensure uninterrupted performance, provided at a fixed monthly cost and financially backed by a 100% Service Level Agreement.