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Transform how you do business with Microsoft Dynamics.

Connected and Consolidated Systems
With Microsoft Dynamics, you can easily consolidate multiple systems into a single connected application. All of your business process applications are easily integrated with your regular Microsoft Office Suite, optimizing employee productivity. This system comes in the familiar Microsoft functionality, making for a smooth transition.

Reliable and Timely Reports
Making rapid, well-informed decisions is vital to the success of any business. Microsoft Dynamics enables business leaders to identify trends and avoid issues with real-time data. These reports are easily shareable, readable, and designed with the universal Microsoft look and feel. These reports also come equipped with insights, predictive analytics, and digital intelligence.

Cloud Based Software
You can now access your financial reports and business insights on-demand from any device. This capability also allows for faster onboarding time, as you can begin to handle quotes, orders, invoices, purchases, and more starting from day one.

Quotes, Invoices, & Payment in One Place
Create personalized sales quotes and convert them into an invoice all within the comfort of Microsoft Outlook. Processing payments and reconciling bank accounts are done with ease as the Dynamics package incorporates into many of your current Microsoft applications.

Purchase & Inventory Management
This solution is especially useful when it comes to optimizing your supply chain management. Dynamically updated inventory levels, automated ordering, and data-driven forecasting are just a few of the tools designed to streamline purchasing and inventory at your company. The built-in predictive intelligence generates sales forecasts. Monitoring open orders and tracking vendor lead times is another built-in solution that will help you to cut down on out-of-stock situations.

Crossroads can implement this solution effectively and efficiently. Helping you to customize this solution to your business’ leads takes time, and most often, trial and error.