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The automotive industry is making a swift comeback through modern technological advances.

The future of businesses of this industry lies in the connected car and urban planning. The influx in IoT and Big Data Analytics is directly responsible for the rapid growth of connected transportation.

Car buyers today are members of the connected generation, and the way in which they choose a vehicle is becoming more and more influenced by social networks. With the explosion of shared driving, it is becoming socially acceptable to use a car simply when one needs it, rather than owning a vehicle. Big Data provides businesses with deeper insight into their customers’ needs and buying habits.

Development processes in the automotive industry are also being influenced. The science of connected cars allows data to be collected throughout the entire life cycle of a vehicle. Manufacturers can now utilize data collected from miles and miles of driving as inspiration and direction for future vehicle designs. Everything about a car, from the safety features, engine performance, and aerodynamics, have emerged from the data being collected by connected cars.

Crossroads provides Big Data and Analytics Services, as well as Mobile Platforms, as valuable tools, linking customers to their cars and the cars to the manufacturer. Cars are quickly becoming an exciting platform for application developers. Our expertise allows for a seamless migration of these applications to the cloud as the next big trend in the automobile industry develops.

By taking a cloud-based approach to IT, our zero-gap solutions allow manufacturers to cut costs without sacrificing an efficient production process.