An Enterprise Leader in the Delivery of Strategic Technology Solutions

Businesses are utilizing Big Data-driven servers that are optimized to adapt to changing workload demands in order to increase innovation and control costs.

Crossroads provides IBM Power Systems, which are developed using open technologies architected to handle your business’ mission-critical applications. IBM Power System Enterprise Servers provide a performance that is reliable, available, and flexible.

Benefits of an IBM Power Solution:

  • Enterprise Virtualization – Enterprise service quality ensures the optimal utilization of IT resources, scalability, performance availability, and security.
  • Elastic Scaling – The performance and scalability functionalities allow for seamlessly adjusting from 1/20 of a core to 256 cores and to use all resources of the host server.
  • Automated Management Provisioning & Service Delivery – Reduce your deployment time and eliminate errors through automated provisioning of standardized virtual imaging.
  • Self-Service and Service Catalog – The user-friendly, self-service interface lowers IT costs and automates accelerated service delivery.
  • Flexible Metering– Have the ability to track, allocate, and expense by department or end user.

These servers are designed with an intelligent, workload-based resource allocating, dynamic processor thread switching, and logical memory expansion to achieve the highest level of performance and efficiency. IBM Power Systems platform management technologies have the ability to automatically deploy, optimize, and maintain themselves at an effective, energy efficient, and cost-effective way.