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Cerner is a unified suite of digital solutions proven to streamline administration, reduce costs, and enhance patient security.

This online solution allows you to access patient information in real time while providing the functionality of a decision-support tool to your caregivers. This software also allows for ease of interoperability, finance management, robust analytics and reporting options, patient engagement, and medical device management.

This software is an integrated database that offers a comprehensive set of capabilities. In hospitals, ambulatory, and post-acute settings, this software allows end users to capture and access patient health information. This on-demand access to your patient data, clinical information, and finance status optimizes your organization’s performance.

Cerner PowerChart
This option is designed for practices of all sizes and supports 50 medical specialties. This EHR solution is known for its e-prescribing, lab integration, narrative reports, chart search, Medicare edibility verification, direct messaging, and patient portal. It can be deployed on-site or remotely, depending upon your needs.

Cerner CareTracker
For post-acute services such as assisted living facilities, retirement communities, and long-term care centers, this is the best solution. The functionality of point-of-care documentation, clinical intelligence capabilities, and assessment alerts are key to this industry’s functions.

Cerner Millennium
Enterprise healthcare providers such as large hospitals or behavioral health service providers find this solution to be the best fit. The industry-specific functions it provides include medication administration documentation, audit reporting, and lab/drug alerts.

When managing your practice, there are additional programs that Cerner offers for healthcare providers to better manage operational workings like appointment scheduling, billing, and financial reporting.

Cerner is a heavily customizable solution that has been adopted by many healthcare organizations nationwide. Get the support you need to create the best fit for your company and receive the IT support you need to make sure it continues to run smoothly in the future with Crossroads.