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Before HIPAA existed and the latest technological tools were available, this long-term and post-acute care provider knew that they were in need of assistance with their IT. With the advancement of technology in the 21st century, they realized that hiring their own IT department and managing it successfully would be difficult. They partnered with Crossroads to provide IT management and have never looked back.

Healthcare technology is now effortless for this organization. They have been guided through four technology generation updates, and plan for the next update to continue to be with Crossroads. We have worked with some of the same users through each of these changes, such as the introduction of mobile devices including cell phones and tablets. This guidance has included training and education to assist with converting their system into an efficient digital machine. At the beginning of this partnership, all of their data had to be hosted in-house, because there was no cloud availability. Today, they have updated to a complete, remote, secure cloud environment for all of their users.

This organization has also utilized Crossroads to navigate HIPAA regulations. Through the four generations of HIPAA progressions, we have implemented numerous regulations and protocols required to maintain a high standard of compliance for their entire organization.

Today, this organization is HIPAA-compliant and has access to our support 24/7/365 for any IT service issues, from maintaining office equipment to solving software malfunctions. This continued service never comes to an end. As the IT department for this post-acute provider, we hold meetings with their key stakeholders to review the latest technological advances and how they can be implemented within their locations. We will offer continued assistance with compliance, IT support, and whatever else they need. There will never be a time where we stop offering value to this organization, and that is what sets this relationship apart from other IT corporations.

We are available to simplify healthcare technology at every point of their journey.