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Home Healthcare Organization Reached Long Term Success With IT Management

In 2011, a forward-looking organization with offices throughout California became a client of Crossroads. They had a strong desire for innovation, but lacked the resources to bring this to fruition. They had not previously been provided with the knowledge and skillset required to continually evolve their organization’s utilization of technology. In a digital economy, having one’s entire IT situation in a state of disarray can paralyze advancement. This organization was defined by their passion for helping others, and refused to allow a technological deficiency to falter their growth.

Our dedicated professionals insisted upon visiting all of the organization’s sites along the West Coast, in order to fully understand their current position and where they saw themselves in the future. Over a period of 2 years, we restructured their entire IT department and network, and seamlessly migrated their business entirely into the cloud. They have been able to continually expand and contract effortlessly, without having to experience the penalties this would normally entail.

This organization’s IT was not only reconstructed physically; it was a total transformation of their operations. They have been able to maximize their productivity by minimizing their downtime. The Director of Office Operations expressed her keen appreciation for the geniality and expertise of our support team.

Years later, we continue to provide them the digital advantage that is necessary in this day and age. Our executives regularly meet with their team to offer new technology advancements that may enhance their experience. We make sure to remain well-versed in the continually evolving IT of their industry, to ensure that they maintain their competitive edge. We have become an extension of their team. Our relationship with this organization continues to evolve as they are progressively able to focus solely on the people they care for.