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Many businesses that are adopting Amazon cloud technologies are seeking highly-skilled experts to assist them with the complexity of Amazon AWS. Having to deal with identifying and recruiting Amazon AWS specialists, architecture design specialists, as well as security and operations experts is a daunting task and is taking an organization's focus away from their core business. Marinating these professionals in an ever-changing workforce and rapid changes in employment can cost an organization more than three times the cost of entering into a full accountability engagement for DevOps and Cloud Management with Crossroads.

Engaging Crossroads for your Amazon AWS investments is the single best investment for businesses facing these challenges. We blend technology, methodology, and human expertise to deliver continuous architecture and cybersecurity enhancements, along with 24x7x365 network and security operations backed by Amazon certified engineers and architects, helping you to get the most out of your Amazon investment.

Unique Service Experience

Crossroads support services deliver enhanced benefits for supporting your Amazon AWS investments. The table below illustrates the high-value inclusions and service breadth of support and how we can help optimize your support investments, capabilities, and management of Amazon Web Services.

Dedicated Cloud Experts to help optimize cost, performance, and scalability

The development of your business application and evolution of your infrastructure on AWS should never stop because of the hundreds of new features and innovations AWS releases each year, as well as your users’ evolving needs.

We provide a team of certified AWS experts to monitor your application and Cloud investment portfolio. Crossroads offers custom tool options for managing your growing number of permissions, accounts, and regions. Our dedicated cloud experts will leverage their experience to ensure your business application is continuously optimized with the volume of new features AWS releases each year, and the needs of your users.

We will ensure your architecture will continuously evolve to match the innovations of AWS and the needs of your users.

Professional Cloud Services and Management for AWS

A Crossroads engagement for AWS provides all the professional services to help you migrate and understand your AWS environment as well as management and evolve it to meet growing needs. Whether it’s learning the basics of AWS or optimizing your existing architecture for better cost and usage performance, our cloud experts will provide you the guidance and advice you need to ensure success.
  • AWS Management

  • All-Inclusive Services

  • Tools & Automation

Our Professionals
 Support for your AWS platform from certified AWS engineers - 24x7x365
 Best practices and architecture design
 Certified HIPAA and HITRUST compliant
 Disaster response professionals ready at all times
 EC2 Management
 Careful review and consulting on your business and technical environment
All-Inclusive Services
 Professional Services - Cloud Automation, Migration, Architecture, and Design
 Security & Compliance - Compliance consulting, Threat minimization, and Risk detection
Tools & Automation
 Best Practice Guidance - 200+ Best Practice checks, Cloud Audit trail, and Cost Optimization
 Simplified AWS Management
 Permission Management - Single identity across all cloud, AWS, and EC2 instances
 At a Glance view of all Cloud and Audit activity