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In today’s competitive market, Independent Software Vendors have found that a Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform is a necessity to enable profitable growth.

Many solutions currently available only address logistical physical network requirements, with no regard for network communications, database availability, archive operations, application redundancy, security, and infrastructure management. These critical functionalities are left up to the ISVs.

Crossroads delivers a complete end-to-end solution that allows for your equitable resources to shift away from provisioning and managing infrastructure. We simplify operations, improve security, and reduce costs, allowing your employees to focus on your core business.

We embrace your applications by first meeting with your development teams, ensuring we gain a detailed understanding of your architecture, deployment, and user experience. Then the perfect solution is developed based on your requirements, to optimize the experience for your end-users and customers. We not only support your deployment, but we also provide support to your staff and end users – all of which is customized to meet your specific needs.

Crossroads offers a comprehensive package of customization, support, proven methodologies, and the latest technologies for your application hosting. Our datacenters are some of the most advanced facilities in the industry. Our Hosting superstructure is built on Cisco infrastructure and features a multi-redundancy network that provides each site with high availability.

As an ISV, you need more than just a vendor who can manage hardware and infrastructure. You need a partner who is committed to working directly with your development staff in providing testing environments, Cloud expertise, and solutions to complex development and deployment demands. We deliver critical technical proficiency in all aspects of your application and its life-cycle.

We are dedicated to delivering a zero-gap solution that provides a visible ROI. We ensure uninterrupted performance, provided at a fixed monthly cost and financially backed by a 100% Service Level Agreement.

Explore what a Crossroads ISV Partnership could mean for your organization.

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