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Mobile, digital, and social innovation have disrupted traditional business.

The Salesforce Business and Finance Solution allows businesses to stay well informed with the most up-to-date reporting.

This solution monitors the wealth management, insurance, and accounting functions of your business. Take proactive actions with its supercharged smart alerts, easily connect financial information across multiple channels, and empower employee collaboration in real time.

Saleforce’s powerful dashboard is instantly accessible across multiple devices, allowing for automated processes with customizable actions. At Crossroads, we combine agile deployment methods with deep market expertise to assist you in meeting your most complex business and technological challenges.

This program provides executive leadership reporting that compiles straightforward, hard data, allowing for the control of expenditures and profit margins. Simplify the billing process, minimize accounting errors, and rapidly streamline valuable data to your CFO.

Crossroads increases your business alignment with Salesforce to ensure that you receive the financial and business solution you need to make mission-critical decisions.