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The Plex ERP solution is designed for the Manufacturing industry, with focuses for aerospace and defense, automotive, food and beverage, high tech, industrial, and precision metal forming.

Easily automate the plant floor and inform the top floor with this cloud ERP software. The unique requirements of discrete and process manufacturing are met by this comprehensive manufacturing ERP solution.

Take control of production, inventory, and supply chain to maintain a competitive edge in today’s active market. This SaaS cloud offering model allows you to make use of all the functions and capabilities you need to enhance your manufacturing process by default without the pain of traditional enterprise ERP solutions.

The benefits of using Plex ERP include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced inventories
  • Reduced scrap
  • Reduced lead time
  • Full Industry Compliance
  • Improved decision making through timely and accurate information

Functionalities of Plex ERP

Materials Management
Inventory is tracked all in one place, including bill of materials, bar coding, job tracking, material requirements, and planning.

Sales & Orders Management
Competitor intelligence is efficiently partnered with a database for your customer and sales orders. Order entry, quotes, and commissions are easily tracked through this one-stop solution.

Production Management
This is what really sets this option apart for the manufacturing industry. Plex has designed each of these functionalities with the plant floor in mind. The solutions included here that are not found in many other places include multi-plant functionality, preventative maintenance, capacity planning, and process controls.

Supply Chain Management
As an entirely cloud-based solution, this option allows you as the user to utilize online order and tracking solutions. Quality and problem control is easily overviewed from the Plex ERP solution.

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