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One of the most dramatic transformations that a business can endure on their own is migrating to the cloud.

Many organizations are unsure where to begin when deciding to shift their hosted environments. Crossroads is able to simplify your migration of servers, databases, and applications to dedicated, virtual environments.

When moving a workload to a cloud environment, it is important to follow a set process. Our processes are very similar to a traditional cross-platform application migration.

The first step is the initial planning, where we conduct workshops with stakeholders to align our customized solution with their requirements of a cloud hosting environment. This will determine whether your business needs require a virtual-to-virtual, cross platform, or application-only migration. The different benefits of each will be addressed in order to select your optimal solution. Once the strategy has been established, our dedicated cloud professionals will begin your migration to the Crossroads datacenters.

Once the existing instances have been migrated to the cloud, these instances will need to go through an adjustment phase, thus optimizing and configuring your environment to the target cloud’s architecture standards. This includes operating system level security patches, security policy or regulatory requirements, and IP address updates.

After rigorous testing to ensure the migrated workload performs as expected, the cloud becomes your production environment. The old source servers and images are either decommissioned or repurposed to ensure you the best possible value.

Allow Crossroads to be the driver of your cloud computing experience. We provide the best-of-breed technologies and proven methodologies needed to afford a cost-effective solution that will exceed your business requirements.