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Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a computing platform which allows for the accelerated and simplified creation of web applications without the immense responsibility of the infrastructure underneath it.

Agile software development heavily relies on the PaaS solution for creating on-demand, scalable, customer-centric applications more efficiently.

The ability to develop, run, and manage enterprise web applications without the complexity of orchestrating and maintaining the associated infrastructure allows businesses to reallocate equitable resources. This results in a much more rapid ROI.

Crossroads’ PaaS affords our clients a secure, safe, and profitable solution for all of their development needs. With our platform, businesses are able to reduce the amount of programming required and shorten their application’s time to market.

As a part of our cloud offerings, we provide various services on this platform spanning the entire system's development life cycle (SDLC). Our services include consulting, proof of concept, end-to-end development, migration, and management of your applications.

Focus on your core business as we ensure that our zero-gap solution is aligned with your business needs and is delivered with the highest standards.