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Take your cloud program to the next level with Mesosphere DCOS by utilizing our skilled expert team of Mesosphere developers. This next-generation capability leverages Apache’s Meso constellation, thereby allowing all-scale enterprises to extend, and manage, datacenter operations across multiple servers; whether those facilities are housed within a physical or cloud-based construct.

Our Mesosphere experts educate business clients by implementing and applying related tools and processes, oriented to the successful delivery of full-span datacenter operations, ranging from implementation to consequent operational or affiliated performance analytics.

Mesosphere Engagements include:

Extensible solutions: No matter where, or what, a client organization requires, Crossroads / Mesosphere programs provide for demand-based datacenter servicing.

Proven scalability leveraging state-of-the-art tool-sets: Crossroads / Mesosphere model applies Meso’s transparent, dual-tier construct; thereby allowing enterprise client’s to run current and next-gen systems concurrently, within a common infrastructure.

Big Data/BI compliant: Crossroads / Mesosphere model is intrinsically oriented to the support of Big Data and large-scale Business Intelligence customers. This means that our model offers immediate ‘out-of-the-box’ cost reductions that subsequently apply to other distributed enterprise operations.

Universally ‘smart’ multi-server operations: Crossroads / Mesosphere model creates an ability to drive seamless data interactivity across global client datacenters. Our model leverages and showcases the immediate expansion and spin-up of simplified, multi-center operations, at highly-reduced cost.