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In 2014, a hospice care organization with over 15 locations nationwide came to us ready to completely transform their business practices from paper to digital.

Among their goals was to modernize their IT infrastructure, increase agility, and improve service. This client required an IT provider who could digitally connect their locations and streamline their operations while setting them up for growth, and at the same time reduce costs.

Together with key stakeholders, Crossroads designed a plan of action which would take their practice from a paper-based system to nearly paperless within two years. This client found that they were able to cut overhead costs while increasing the efficiency of their organization. By moving to the cloud they are able to access important patient information where and when they need to, freeing up valuable time for doctors. In addition to providing support and mobility for each user 24/7/365, we also administer educational and training opportunities to ensure a successful transition by all end users.

When we began working with this client, we committed to bringing them to a state of full HIPAA compliance. Our dedicated professionals make compliance simple. We take full accountability for regulation updates and training ensuring this client is never vulnerable to non-compliant fines or other repercussions.

We’ve worked with this client through the implementation of electronic health records (EHR) as well as assisting users with the introduction of mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. In this same regard, Crossroads increased the efficiency of this client’s operations by taking the burden of asset management off of the client so that they could focus on their core philosophies. As well as being able to track assets, we have the ability to digitally “self-destruct” a device in the event it is lost or stolen, further solidifying the security of their data.