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DevOps accelerates application development, testing, and release processes while minimizing costs.

DevOps increases business value by improving agility through a continuous delivery of products and services that satisfy consumer needs. There are key performance indicators (KPIs) that require measurement to truly appreciate the impact of this approach.

Increased collaboration and communication between the development and operations teams results in shorter development cycles, as the timeframes decrease from engineering code into executable production code.

Improved release velocity provides businesses that successfully manage DevOps a competitive advantage, due to their ability to quickly market features that their customers need. This approach builds on top of agile programming methodology, making it easier to detect code defects and reduce deployment failures.

Crossroads emphasizes the automation of software delivery processes, removing all bottlenecks. We work with your development and operation teams to ensure an improved software lifecycle that fosters responsive feedback and efficiency for your organization. With a DevOps solution in place, you can quickly produce quality software and significantly optimize your operations.

To give your business a competitive edge, automation is key to DevOps, and deployment automation is a requirement in today’s fast moving market.

We ensure that the collaboration of developing and deploying software runs smoothly by paying a high level of attention to infrastructure management.