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Empowering Client Success Through Cloud Transformation

A leading healthcare provider with offices nationwide was interested in digitizing their health records and migrating their business operations to a cloud environment.

Unsure of where to begin and fearful of non-compliance that would then factor into digitizing their business, this client recognized that to successfully transform their operations from paper to electronic files, they needed to seek the guidance of a technology expert. They set out looking for a partner who was an established thought leader and would truly understand their mission.

Together with this client, we created a comprehensive roadmap to a customized cloud environment. We analyzed the current state of their business, needs, and technical requirements and identified a plan of action. In that time we took them from using paper for all patient records to fully utilizing Electronic Health Records (EHR). This transformation not only cut operational costs by removing paper-based processes, but it opened up the opportunity for this organization to utilize Big Data analytics to measure success rates of different programs and treatments. The move to EHR also freed up valuable time amongst practitioners by eliminating the need for them to physically come in to the hospital to check pathology reports or see radiology results.

This healthcare provider has a network that encompasses thousands of users. Not only did we implement electronic health records, but we digitized all operational processes and continuously educate users on how to best utilize the technology.

Today, this organization remains fully HIPAA compliant and has a partner that they can trust, with 24/7/365 support for all of their IT needs. We take full accountability for each new generation of HIPAA regulations and ensure our clients are aware of changes in regulations, taking the burden of compliance off of them so they can focus on their critical mission of caring for their patients. We remain this organization’s principal technology provider and have helped it to become and remain a leader in their industry.