An Enterprise Leader in the Delivery of Strategic Technology Solutions

Whether providing professional services, staffing, consulting, or marketing, businesses are excelling in today’s market by migrating to the cloud.

To maintain their current client database and to gain new clients, professional service firms must have a company-wide security platform that can stand up to modern threats.

Request for Proposals (RFPs) and Request for Information (RFIs) are being written now to include security-related concerns. This creates the challenge of providing security while also making the data itself easily accessible to customers.

Crossroads understands this challenge, and empowers customers to optimize cloud utilization while defending against cyber threats. Depending on the customer, business service providers must comply with strict regulatory standards. Beyond the capabilities of our robust compliance portfolio, we can ease many of the compliance burdens you face with our Advisory Services, which include risk assessments, business impact analysis, reviewing and updating policies and procedures, incident handling, and business associate agreements.

At Crossroads, it is our mission to merge business and IT goals in a way that sets up your company for success. Crossroads will empower your business to overcome security challenges and at the same time, grow your business and improve customer experiences.