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Operations management is concerned with attaining the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization, and these processes are becoming rooted in technology. 

These professionals have had to keep up with changing technology trends in order to effectively manage their companies’ everyday operations.

Operations management professionals within the financial, healthcare, and other industries with stringent regulations concerning the access and storage of their data, have been especially affected. As more companies are moving their business to the cloud, operations leaders must concern themselves with cybersecurity.

Operations management has also been impacted by the rise of Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP). These software platforms allow companies to automate and integrate the bulk of their business processes, share collective data across the entire organization, and access information in real-time. Businesses must modify employee requirements based on the integration of new software, as well as establish training curriculums which will ensure proper use and implementation of the programs.

Technological advancements improve efficiency, and operations management professionals must determine which technologies to purchase based on perceived value to the company.