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Improve your sales, marketing, and customer relationships with the Sugar CRM application.

Sugar is one of the most affordable CRM software options on the market. The cost of attaining a new customer far outweighs that of retaining a customer. Businesses with limited budgets will especially appreciate being able to maximize their opportunities with this enterprise application.

Sugar allows for customization specific to each end user’s needs. With access to multiple tabs, dashlets, and categorized dashboard-like home pages, your employees can keep mission-critical information at their fingertips. At Crossroads, we can fully customize Sugar configurations to meet your organization’s needs.

Improve Internal Communication
Everyone from sales to marketing to customer service can work out of one system to share information and insights. Organizations will also find their employees’ communication can be improved through the Activities Stream View. This allows them to post notes and collaborate directly within the CRM platform.

Improve Customer Relationships
A successful sales call always starts with a fully prepared sales representative. Sugar provides access to the full history of each customer. Improve your customer relationships by impressing them with your commitment to their buyer’s journey.

Analyze Sales Data
Creating a marketing strategy that makes sense for your organization is made easier by using Sugar. Business leaders can use search functions to organize their data by specific categories gain the insights they need.

Sugar allows for a thorough understanding of your customers and improved customer relationships by saving end users’ time. Sugar’s affordability and customizability make it an excellent CRM application choice.