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Spring Boot

Spring Boot offers effective ways to leverage the foundational Spring framework. Crossroads Spring Boot engagements are directed to client-developers who have an interest in simplified code production, the reduction of container dependencies, and a particular advantage driven by the launch of demand-based products at the command line level. These technical values also support and encourage intrinsic ‘thinness’ throughout the production chain, subsequently allowing developers to create and deliver reduced-cost deliverables much faster than other constructs.

A Spring Boot engagement with our DevOps engineers and experts will educate client developers, by delivering programs, tools, and knowledge elements that directly enhance the end-to-end Spring complex.

Spring Boot Engagement Highlights:

Reduced dependency throughout: Crossroads / Spring Boot programs teach clients how to enhance the Spring complex by utilizing the avoidance of code dependency.

Direct embedding of Spring partner products: Crossroads / Spring Boot knowledge-model enhances the Spring complex by leveraging advantages associated with compliant-ready products such as Jetty, Embed, Undertow, and Tomcat.

Automated compliance: Crossroads / Spring Boot knowledge-model drives costs down by integrating automated scripting whenever applicable.

Day One; Production Ready operations: Crossroads / Spring Boot knowledge-model applies Spring-intrinsic metrics, alert monitoring, and the ability to integrate external configuration toolsets.

No code generation; ever: Crossroads / Spring Boot knowledge-model leverages Spring’s endemic ability to avoid automated code generation.