An Enterprise Leader in the Delivery of Strategic Technology Solutions

Oracle Siebel is a leading software platform that optimizes aspects of customer service and experience, marketing, sales, partner relationship management, order management, and customer data integration.

Improve Customer Experience
Oracle Siebel will enhance your organization’s customer service by providing the necessary tools and information for your staff to succeed with every customer. Your team will have access to a complete customer history, thus improving the interactions between your employees and customers.

Improve Overall Sales
Having a deep customer knowledge will also increase the effectiveness of your sales team by optimizing performance and enhancing collaboration. The customizable functions of Oracle Siebel can automate simple tasks, freeing up time for your sales reps to focus on closing leads or resolving customer pain points.

Improve Your Marketing Effectiveness
Simplify the execution of marketing programs and the development of loyalty programs. This tool allows for the monitoring of product and sales performance. Oracle’s Siebel Enterprise Marketing is a comprehensive solution that enables B2B and B2C organizations to achieve superiority in marketing.

Automation of Everyday Tasks
Time-based workflows automate business processes and are capable of distributing notifications. Workflow classifications are flexible and allow for the configuring of a 'wait' step or time-based trigger for any process step. This is an effective tool for automating business procedures. The automation of certain tasks will free time for your employees to focus on closing leads and resolving customer pain points.

Fully Customizable
Oracle Siebel allows for the customization of dashboards and individual views. Users can create a view or query to collect the exact information they need. These views are also shareable between users, allowing for further collaboration. As well as role-based dashboards, there are industry editions, such as Insurance and Life Sciences, which allow for further customization to suit your business’ exact needs.

Obtaining a thorough understanding of your customers will allow your organization to set itself apart from the competition. Oracle Siebel is a leading Customer Relationship Management software platform that will allow your organization to manage leads and improve overall sales and marketing operations.