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The Meditech EHR solution is a patient-centered web application that was designed by physicians, for physicians.

Real-time access to the data you need is housed in easy to use, personalized workflows. The interoperability functions of this EHR solution sets it apart from many other applications. The ability to seamlessly and securely share data across all care environments is vital. No matter the goals of your organization, whether clinical, analytical, or financial, Meditech has a personalized solution to enhance your operational performance.

The EHR Meditech solution has three focuses: hospitals, ambulatory/physician practices, and post-acute services. There are specific benefits to these EHR web-based solutions.

Meditech’s EHR Hospitals & Health Systems Solution
This EHR tool manages the entirety of your organization. Handling patient records, financials, clinical processes, and administration with just one software tool helps your organization to thrive. The data from your organization is easily viewed in order to track of trends and key performance indicators. From physicians, administrative staff, emergency departments, and more, there are specific functionalities that bring together all of your services.

Meditech’s EHR Ambulatory Solution
Equip your physicians and office staff with a web-based tool with intuitive navigation. Easily manage appointments and front and back office tasks with this easy to use tool. This service offers patient continuity, mobility, streamlined communications, enterprise scheduling, improved revenue cycle management, and reporting functions.

Meditech EHR Post-Acute Services Solution
Many different forms of post-acute services can take plenty of value from this specialized EHR solution. Long-term care, behavioral health, home care, and hospice each have specific functionalities to assist with the financial, scheduling, and logistics planning of the care of your patients.

This comprehensive EHR solution is a great option for those organizations that are comfortable with a fully cloud-based solution from Crossroads.