An Enterprise Leader in the Delivery of Strategic Technology Solutions

It is vital for businesses to optimize the utilization of their IT assets.

Crossroads provides Oracle SPARC servers, affording breakthrough adaptability. This secure enterprise cloud infrastructure addresses the key challenges in deploying a virtualized environment.

We provide end-to-end security with Oracle SPARC always-on memory intrusion protection and comprehensive data encryption. These functionalities secure your data without performance penalty. The security in the silicon features protect your data from unauthorized access.

With breakthrough efficiency, software functions are transformed to allow for true integration from application to processor. This efficiency lowers the cost of deploying enterprise workloads.

Engineered for the Cloud, the Oracle SPARC platform is optimized with built-in cloud security measures, Java-enabled performance, and database and analytics. This efficiently designed system utilizes an uncompromising security system that runs enterprise databases and applications.

These servers have capabilities for information security, core efficiency, and acceleration of analytics, Big Data, and machine learning.

Allow your equitable resources to shift away from provisioning and managing infrastructure while simplifying operations, improving security, and reducing costs. Businesses have more control over their data as it is stored and managed centrally in our Oracle SPARC Platform.