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Applications are imperative to the majority of businesses’ success.

The development, distribution, and consumption of applications must evolve to keep up with today’s fast moving market. The influence of cloud, mobility, and big data has provoked the need for application developers to adapt to change quickly.

The current aggressive market has spawned a discriminating customer demand for engaging applications, leaving previous development processes inadequate. In order to survive, applications must be ahead of their competition not only in their release but also in their advancements towards modernization. Short cycle times and increased user expectations are the driving force behind the shift to a modernized application development system.

The modern application process includes integration with the cloud, mobility, and data analytics. New-generation applications will call for an updated transformation of your current IT initiatives. As you establish agile development methods, it will be dire to keep up with the requirements of automation, transparency and policy-driven security. In order to ensure a successful application modernization, there are crucial factors that need to be addressed.

• Understand that application modernization doesn’t just affect the IT department, but in fact impacts all of the people and processes within your business.

• Devise a plan to move your existing applications to the cloud. This agile and fluid environment is the best place to quickly grow and develop.

• Agile development requires a continuous incremental release of principles rather than the familiar waterfall model of development. This fundamental process requires a clear collaboration between your development and operations team.

• A central model of distribution for your applications will serve to manage the cost of maintaining a library of applications across multiple devices and platforms.

Modernizing your applications grants access to a new channel for gaining customers, discovering new ideas, exploring opportunities, and finding efficiencies for your business. In many cases, the inability to modernize could result in costing you your business.

Crossroads is an industry leading provider of enterprise applications as well as DevOps. These disciplines prepare us to guide your journey. With our customized solutions, clients are able to respond faster to the rapidly changing markets. The responsibilities of the massive undertaking of migrating your existing workloads, modernizing applications, and adopting new development as well as management practices can all be passed to Crossroads. Gain the expert accountability you need in order to focus on your core functions and revel in the benefits of a high performing business.