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McKesson, now known as Change Healthcare, has software solutions designed to assist healthcare organizations with their EHR needs.

The complexity of the healthcare market can be daunting to many providers. Paragon, Mckesson’s EHR solution, is a complete inpatient software. This adaptable product allows for organizations to stay current with complex and changing regulations while optimizing their core business functions.

Reduced Cost of Ownership
A reduced system complexity allows for a lower overall cost of ownership. Paragon is designed to reduce system operational complexity by using a fully integrated clinical and financial system in a non-proprietary operating platform and a Microsoft SQL server platform.

Comprehensive Software Applications
Each application is designed for ease of use and functionality. Paragon offers a suite of clinical and financial applications that are accessible online. These further-tailored solutions allow you more time with your patients and less time in the office. Throughout the applications, Microsoft technology and architecture is used to increase the ease of use and simplify data management.

Clinical & Financial Functions
Paragon provides solutions for your clinical and financial operations so that you can automate processes, receive reports, and optimize your business functions in one application. This efficiently maximizes your time, allowing you to focus on what matters most: caring for patients.

The functionality of scheduling, billing, claims processing, and revenue management is scaled for small practices to the more complex requirements of mid-sized and larger offices.

Crossroads has 20 years of expertise in the healthcare industry. By streamlining the implementation we can condense your timeline and onboard your team. No matter your size, Crossroads is here to help optimize your business to be the best it can be.