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Successfully Securing Vital Health Information

As we are HIPAA-certified and HITRUST self-assessed, we are able to host and manage Electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI) without any compliance issues. For one hospital network with locations across the West Coast and 1,000 users, we have protected and hosted their ePHI in our datacenters for years. We assist them in following all of the necessary processes and security protocols to insure their information is kept safe from any risks or breaches. Their ePHI is hosted with us and remains secure and compliant in our dedicated healthcare cloud.

The regulations that govern health information security are particularly complicated and were overwhelming to the hospital network. When handling ePHI, there are extensive procedures and protocols that need to be obeyed, such as personnel training and conduct, asset management, risk assessments, and encryption. For an organization with no IT experience or an over-allocated IT department, this can be a trial and error process that can cost them millions in fines.

This network of hospitals is allowed to focus on the care they give while we manage and care for the security of their data. Our experience in the healthcare sector of over two decades has allowed us to successfully assist many other healthcare organizations through four generations of HIPAA. This is why the hospital knew they could trust us- we are their cybersecurity, compliance, and IT team for the foreseeable future.

This health information security is critical to our client, that’s why they also access our continued compliance advisory services to ensure the highest level of security. We are dedicated to continually adding value to their company throughout our partnership. Regular meetings are held to analyze the latest technological advances and compliance regulations, to make certain that their data is protected and the method of storage remains compliant. This service is ongoing; there is never a line drawn in the sand where these services stop for this hospital.

We do what it takes to ensure that they are protected against risks and potential fines at all times.