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Cloud computing has evolved as consumption and delivery models enable businesses to reduce costs and improve service levels.

A complete understanding of your operational needs is critical when choosing the right cloud model for your business.

Platform as a Service
A platform which allows for the accelerated and simplified creation of web applications, without the immense responsibility of the infrastructure underneath it.

Infrastructure as a Service
Deliver cloud computing infrastructure to your end users without having to own or maintain servers, storage, network, and operating systems.

Storage Platform Services
A platform providing businesses with the competitive advantage of fast performance, scalability, and agility of their data.

Database Platform Services
This service enhances the performances of storage and compute functions so that your organization can effectively deliver critical data on-demand.

Big Data and Analytics
Turn immense volumes of data into meaningful information and establish a strong competitive advantage.

Application Platform Service
Eliminate customer deployment errors and infrastructure maintenance, as well as end user initiated upgrades and monitoring.

Software as a Service
This cloud computing service eliminates the responsibility of supporting, hosting, and managing software.

IoT Platform Services
Optimize the flow of information, improve asset performance, enhance efficiency, and heighten customer service.

Mobility Platform Service
Empower the orchestration of mobile applications using web, native, or hybrid architectures.

Desktop as a Service
Shift equitable resources away from provisioning and managing desktops by simplifying operations, improving security, and reducing costs.

Collaboration Platform Services
A unified platform providing businesses with a solution that optimizes communication and streamlines operations.