An Enterprise Leader in the Delivery of Strategic Technology Solutions

Crossroads is an industry-leading supplier of customized Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions.

Crossroads Remote Desktop Infrastructure allows for equitable resources to shift away from provisioning and managing desktops by simplifying operations, improving security, and reducing costs. Businesses have more control over their data, as it is stored and managed centrally in the cloud.

Take advantage of centralizing all end-user applications onto one server. Operations including launching applications, updates, backups, and maintenance can be completed just once instead of on each individual device.

Remote Desktop is optimal for hosting applications that utilize significant bandwidth and processing power. This solution uses the hosted server to access applications, affording your end users a consistently high-performing experience.

We focus on creating a customized solution that is the right fit for your business. We ensure uninterrupted performance, provided at a fixed monthly cost and financially backed by a 100% Service Level Agreement.