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Technology has transformed the way businesses in today’s market provide customer service.

New technology has moved the customer experience away from the traditional transactional way of operating to a more customer-centric business model.

The large number of communication channels now available have completely changed the way customers and businesses interact with one another. At any given time, your customers can reach you not just by phone, but through email, mobile messaging, and through multiple social media platforms. Businesses need to adapt quickly to customers’ communications preferences.

Big Data analytics are also shifting communications. The availability of information is providing businesses improved insights into the way customers behave. By utilizing Big Data, companies have the opportunity to treat their customers more like individuals, which allows them to build more meaningful, long-term relationships. The results of this are customers who, over time, will be more likely to purchase your product or service. Businesses are able to improve their customer interactions and are better prepared to identify customer pain points when using Big Data analytics to anticipate in advance what customers will request.

The customer experience is also being impacted by the influx of SaaS business models. This allows companies to better manage customer relationships through the use of advanced data collecting tools like customer relationship management software (CRM). In relation to customer interactions, the goal of any business should be to generate loyalty. Using a CRM platform assists companies in organizing and saving customer histories, while at the same time allowing for insights into their preferences, producing loyal customers over time.