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Workday HRIS was developed on next-generation technology with a consumer-grade user experience that utilizes mobile, making it functional and easy to access.

Workday’s strong points are in HR administration and payroll segments. The recent talent acquisition software that they have developed should fit your organization’s needs. At this time, there are only two localized payrolls, the U.S. and Canada, making this a better solution for businesses in North America.

The Workday HRIS is coupled with business solutions in one application.

Financial Management
This cloud-based solution offers fast and accurate data reports that paint a complete picture of your business status, which can easily be shared with your executive leadership. These relevant contextual and financial insights can be accessed on any device. Organizational, process, and reporting changes can be enacted without business disruption using this software.

Human Capital Management
This easy to use HR system provides a single location for your current employees to access all HR-related tasks. Your managers will be able to quickly take action when it comes to payroll, compensation, recruiting, talent management, learning, and time and absence. These processes are monitored using the contextual insight capabilities of Workday. You can easily gain visibility into talent, labor, and cost data using these functions.

This single system solution manages all transactions, budgets, plans, and forecasts for easy management and planning capabilities. Being hosted in the cloud, collaboration is optimized between multiple sites, allowing your entire organization to share, edit, comment, and finalize plans. This planning option has the accessibility of a spreadsheet with the enterprise security and control you need.

Professional Automation Services
Your resource managers, portfolio and project leaders, and finance and billing specialists can all congregate in this single secure source of data. Analyze the project, talent, and financial data so that your team can align resource requirements and projects, make better decisions to increase profitability, and forecast and plan projects.

Continue your focus on your core business focus while Crossroads handles the implementation, onboard training, and vendor support you need.