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Infor M3 is a comprehensive, centralized ERP solution that is designed for medium to large national and international manufacturers and distributors.

This flexible solution was developed to handle multi-site, multi-company, and multi-country scenarios.

Customer Sales & Service
This multi-channel sales environment tracks long-term relationships and new complex sales clearly.

Financial Management
Reports, budgeting, and accounting are all consolidated using this solution and allow you to manage multiple country, company, and intra-company issues while operating under various regulatory controls.

Manufacturing Operations
An online technical documentation that is easily accessible by all your end users manages costing, planning, and execution of your products.

Supply Chain Management
This powerful set of tools helps you to plan, schedule, and execute across your extended value chain. This solution has advanced planning mechanisms to keep things well-managed.

Equipment Management
Increase your profitability significantly by best managing your equipment sales, rentals, or service.

Infor M3 specializes in providing specific industry suites to allow you to meet the best practices possible for your company.

The unique challenges that those in the chemical industry face, such as co-products and by-products, formula matching and optimization, attribute costing, safety, and quality, are efficiently managed in the Infor M3 Chemical Industry Suite.

Built-in CRM & POS integration creates a visibility across all departments that will help you to optimize every facet of your operation. Multichannel sales, supply chain execution, and integrated financial management come together in one core industry suite.

Tracking the economic and operational history of your equipment industry investments helps you to predict future parts and service demand, as well as capture accurate equipment data. Managing end of life, warranty, service, and sales data is made easy with this specific industry suite of Infor M3.

Global Inventory Management is only one of the specially-designed functions of the Fashion Industry Suite of Infor M3. This supportive omni-channel allows you to seamlessly manage design, distribution, and customer service.

Minimize shelf-life issues and reduce waste by improving the management of your global supply chain. The Infor M3 Food & Beverage Industry Suite has the tools to track and trace your production efficiently.

Crossroads’ expertise in finance, management control, and ERP software is the solution that many of our customers have found to be vital when evolving their financial and management processes. We can support your organization in identifying the best ERP fit for your business and achieving a successful design and implementation.

Crossroads is dedicated to delivering a zero-gap solution that minimizes expenses, allows for the reallocation of equitable resources, and provides a visible ROI.