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NetSuite ERP is a comprehensive solution for your back-office operations and financial business processes.

Its functionalities include sophisticated revenue management, billing solutions, inventory, and supply chain and warehouse management. The built-in business intelligence offers real-time reports and analytics to empower your organization to make mission-critical decisions.

Financial Management
This cloud-based solution allows you to access comprehensive accounting and business intelligence, no matter your location.

Order Management
This integrated solution provides your sales, finance, and fulfillment teams with easy to use pricing, sales, order management and returns management features. These processes have been found to eliminate manual bottlenecks and accelerate the order-to-cash process.

Production Management
Product data management, work order management, and quality assurance solutions are all generated as real-time data that is easily accessible. This data helps you to optimize your production process and get your products to market as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

Supply Chain Management
The distribution and supply chain is supported from a single collaborative platform allowing you to define, execute, and support your organization’s processes. This function has a complete set of inventory management, manufacturing, and purchasing features to optimize your supply chain.

Warehouse and Fulfillment
This function allows you to view and control your end-to-end inventory needs. With this part of the ERP solution, you can minimize on the total cost of ownership of your product.

Automation and the linking of key procurement transactions are just some of the benefits of the NetSuite ERP solution. This function allows you to increase your accuracy and optimize your workflow-driven approval routings.

Human Capital Management
Make use of payroll services, incentive compensation management, and employee center features in this integrated HCM solution offered with the NetSuite ERP solution.

Crossroads’ expertise in finance, management control, and ERP software is the solution that many of our customers have found to be vital when evolving their financial and management processes. We can support your organization in identifying the best ERP fit for your business and achieving a successful design and implementation.

Crossroads is dedicated to delivering a zero-gap solution that minimizes expenses, allows for the reallocation of equitable resources, and provides a visible ROI.