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Hyper-Scale Cloud is a distributed computing environment where fluctuations of data and workload volume can be accommodated cost-effectively.

Most businesses’ IT environments are flooded with inefficiencies, such as low asset utilization, fragmented demands for resources, duplicated systems, and unmanageable infrastructures. A customized Hyper-Scale Cloud can address these inefficiencies and improve service delivery.

The benefit for businesses of any size in regards to Crossroads Hyper-Scale Cloud is immediately apparent: cost savings with optimized functionality. In a multi-cloud environment, virtual servers sustain increased computing demands without requiring existing physical space, cooling, or electrical power.

Our software layer manages composition and resource orchestration as well as workload execution. This architecture allows for an entirely new approach to building, managing, and running services and applications.

Allow your equitable resources to shift away from provisioning and managing infrastructure while simplifying operations, improving security, and reducing costs. Businesses have more control over their data as it is stored and managed centrally in our Hyper-Scaled Cloud.

We focus on creating a customized solution that is the right fit for your business. We ensure uninterrupted performance, provided at a fixed monthly cost and financially backed by a 100% Service Level Agreement.