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The Construction Industry is undergoing a huge transformation due to recent technological advances.

Companies are building structures faster and with more precision by combining different emerging technologies. With the capability to collect data and automate processes, businesses are satisfying investors with a much faster, visible return on investment.

Drone technology is sweeping the market. Construction companies have started to use drones for their inspections. Inspections ensure quality, worker safety, compliance, and progress. Some of these assessments can be dangerous to perform manually, but the utilization of technology has rendered them much safer. High tech lenses can inspect beams on the top floor of a skyscraper that would have otherwise required a worker's presence. This added safety measure is reason enough to optimize technology on construction sites.

Drones can also collect measurements, photographs, and other important data. This is why construction companies are moving to the cloud. Data and photographs can be transferred to a web application that runs remotely. The implications this has on the construction industry are endless. A project manager can essentially inspect a worksite without ever actually leaving their office. The data collected can be used to construct 3D models that can be easily accessed through the cloud by multiple workers and on multiple jobsites.

At Crossroads we combine cutting-edge technology with expert technicians to ensure your construction site runs smoothly and efficiently through our cloud-based advancements.