An Enterprise Leader in the Delivery of Strategic Technology Solutions

Businesses face immense pressure to deliver proprietary applications in response to the digital transformation of today’s market.

Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) solutions enable rapid development and delivery, holding a fundamental role in modern computing environments. Many platform providers streamline application provisioning and deployment, but neglect addressing the delay of coding applications in the first place. Businesses now require abstraction and automation to the complete application lifecycle, creating a more fluid system.

The Crossroads Application Platform as a Service solution affords a highly automated, available platform service, which eliminates customer deployment errors and infrastructure maintenance, as well as end user initiated upgrades and monitoring.

Our services migrate even the most complex applications to a cloud environment, regardless of their design or model. We deliver intricate web applications, legacy three tier applications that require Citrix for web deployment, and multi-homed SaaS solutions.

With Crossroads providing the application infrastructure, the owner of the data is the client. Always remain in full control of your data and infrastructure in regards to reporting, usage, and migration.

Our services are client-centric, providing an all-inclusive transparent agreement that places your data in secure, private, and easily accessible platforms.