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Technology is vastly changing the way marketing professionals do business. 

Traditionally, Chief Marketing Officers would manage their budgets based on wide-ranging predictions in the marketplace and their specific industry. Technological innovation, more specifically Big Data and the insights it provides, as well as highly intelligent distribution channels, are transforming this process.

Today’s businesses are requiring messages specific to their services be presented exactly where, when, and how consumers prefer. The challenge for the CMO, then, is how to engage with customers using messaging that is tailored to the customer specifically. This evolving combination of marketing and technology increases the effectiveness of targeted messages.

A transformation of marketing is underway as consumers spend more time on their devices. The challenge for brands is to connect with customers in real time and create campaigns that function across social media, display advertising, and e-commerce. This digital shift in how marketers reach their leads has evolved into a completely new direction known as Inbound Marketing.